Wenger admits he didn’t rush

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Wenger admits he didn’t rush to leave Arsenal before 2018.

Arsene Wenger, former manager Arsenal Football Club of the English Premier League Football Openly admitting that he made the mistake of not rushing to say goodbye to the cannon since before 2018,

Wenger revealed that sentiment in the documentary Arsene Wenger: Invincible. Which will be released in united kingdom This week, delving into his 22 years with the Gunners by giveing news UFABET.

He became the manager who led the Gunners most successfully during his time at the reins. Grab the honor of winning the Premier League 3 times, one of which is the undefeated champion in the 2003/04 season.

But at the end of the course of coaching. Arsenal were turned away by the Gunners’ followers. When they couldn’t perform well. as expected which eventually led to their separation.

“My identity is the club. That was a mistake. Wenger said in the Telegraph. “The biggest flaw is that I love where I am. Where I’ve been too much. I’m sorry it happen. I should’ve gone somewhere else.”

When asked about the turning point in Arsenal’s squad, the 72-year-old ex-manager said David Dean had left his board of directors in 2007,

before that. Wenger’s cannons are a team that has been able to win successes periodically. One of the proofs is that the team’s three Premier League titles all preceded 2007, with the intersection coming after the team moved from Highbury to the Emirates Stadium in 2006. With more capacity than ever before for a chance to increase your team’s revenue over the long term. But that also affects the team budget in the short term as well.

“Sometimes I wonder something broken. After that unbeaten season 2007 was a turning point. It was the first time. I felt the tension within the board. I was in a situation where I had to choose between my loyalty to the club and my loyalty to David.

Because after making a decision, life will never be the same again. I thought to myself. ‘We have to go after this project.

I could go to the French national team or England on a couple of occasions. I was approach Real Madrid twice. Even Juventus Paris Saint Germain. T-Germain and Manchester United.”

“But right now there is no special reason. that I will go back there (Since parting with the team 3 years ago), all the rest are pure emotions. which is less important It’s the end of life At least one person’s life It’s like a funeral The end of a love story always ends in sorrow.”