Van de Beek may have made the wrong decision to join Everton.

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Van de Beek may have made the wrong decision to join Everton.

Former Manchester United star Paul Parker has speculate that Donny van de Beek may have made the wrong decision to join Everton on loan. With Frank Lampard being the coach at the club. As inexperienced as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

“I totally agree that Donny van de Beek has to leave Manchester United. In order to get a chance to play for other teams. At this point he achieved what he intended,” Parker told UFABET.

“Man Utd’s squad may be a bit weaker after losing midfield players. But that’s what it should have happened because couldn’t stand his bottom on the bench any more.

“Since Van de Beek is so gift. I understand from the bottom of my heart. The desire to prove his quality. But secretly praying that everything is going well with Everton, the club the boy chose for himself.”

“At Ajax, he was regarded as the best young midfielder. And ready to grow into a world-class player in the future So it shouldn’t be the last substitute in a big team like Manchester United. But at the same time I’m really worried that Everton will be the right team for him or not?

“Don’t forget that move into the English Premier League. He had to work under the supervision of an inexperienc manager like Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. and then Frank and Mpard, who isn’t much better or more boned.”

“Let’s say if he works with a world-class manager. The football career path would be many times brighter. But when it happens. The only thing you can do is to help make things go well.”