Tuchel opened up about Pulisic

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Tuchel opened up about Pulisic. After being called US national team despite injury.

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has admitted that he is deeply concerned about the physical condition of the talented star Christian Pulisic . He called up United States national. His incomplete physical condition and still having small injuries disturbing all the time.

“When it comes to Pulisic’s international call-up during this break, I think the answer is clear. His physical condition was not yet perfect. So hopefully the coach doesn’t overwork it,” Tuchel told the BBC.

“The latest reports from the physiotherapy. Team have confirmed that Pulisic still injured. Although it’s not serious, it does require some special care. And he tried to fight it hard all the time.”

“Pulisic told me all the time that he would like to return to the field in perfect condition. Which everyone in the team misses him a lot as well. So seeing him get the chance to play against Malmo, including 10 minutes into the draw against Burnley, is a good thing. But there are still many points of concern as well.”

Hopefully everyone at the USA National Team will take their responsibilities with sincerity, including Pulisic, for refusing to force his body just out of patriotism. Because if you let your emotions dominate. It increase your chances getting hurt.