Saul Niguez Revealing that the new Chelsea

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Saul Niguez Revealing that the new Chelsea player has a frustration. After just moving. But was put on the field.

Saul Niguez midfielder Chelsea Football Club of the English Premier League Football. Expressing surprise. After being dong on the sidelines. Despite have just moved from Atletico Madrid join the army. Under a loan contract with an option to buy

Saul starts in the Premier League matchday 4 game. Against A Stan Villa only one game and taken off. The field at half time. And it was his only involvement in one league game. Excluding being substituted in the final two minutes 3-0 win. Over Newcastle on 30 October.

“He did not expect a situation like this,” a source close to Saul told the media. “He’s not stupid and doesn’t expect him to play every game, he realizes it will take some time to adjust to English football.”

“He not offen at all. He’s happy in London. His girlfriend also likes to move here. But he would like to have more opportunities to enter the field. To be sitting on the bench, making him wonder is the same, “

Saul is featured on the Spanish national team. That is important for him.