Rio urges ‘Guns’ to dump “Isak”

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Rio Ferdinand, a former football player and football analyst, thinks Arsenal should spend money to sign him. Alexander Isak has arrived to strengthen the team. The

24-year-old striker has become one of the players who may be released from Newcastle United due to his club’s current fair play rules. Financial gameplay

It is no secret that Newcastle are facing some of the biggest challenges to FFP compliance in recent years. The Premier League’s Profit and Sustainability Rules (PSR) mean they may be forced to sell some key players.

Their latest accounts show a loss of £73.4m, leading to rumors about the futures of Bruno Guimarães and Alexander Isaac, Rio Ferdinand, who

saw Isa C scored a great goal against Manchester. City last weekend Has called on Arsenal to answer the striker problem. By grabbing this Swedish player

“Alexander Isak was always running around against Man City. If I were Arsenal, I will invest my money to buy him to join the team. โปรโมชั่น ufabet

“Why? Newcastle can’t spend the money. They’re having problems [with the FFP rules]. I’ve seen news that they have to sell players before they can buy again.

“I think this is a step up to the next level before he joins a club like Real Madrid.”