Reece James has opened up

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Reece James has opened up about competing for a starting right-back with Trent Arnold.

Chelsea right-back Reece James has opened up about his fight for a starting place in the England squad with Trent Alexander-Arnold. Major competitors from Liverpool

“Although England has a lot of good right-back players, we have different playing styles,” the 21-year-old told BT Sport.

“Trent Alexander-Arnold They rose to the top of the world in this position several years ago, while Kyle Walker is the best and most experienced. people, but that’s a good thing because it clearly helps us to be better.”

“Everyone knows that internal competition for placement amongst the players has far more benefits than disadvantages. Although sometimes it feels difficult or awkward. But it is the best mutual push in my eyes.”

“Even when playing for the club We will definitely be irresistible enemies. And ready to destroy them every second, but when entering the national team camp We are the same team There is a common goal of doing everything for England to win and be successful.”

the style of play compared to last year has changed. Our style of play has changed, what Tuchel wants from the players has changed. He wants everyone to play a non-stop attacking game. attack into the penalty area And I think that has given us a better performance this season.