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Pogba sends message to Man United fans Update on injuries from the latest national team camp.

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has sent a video message to fans on social media following an injury sustained in France’s national team training yesterday.

By the picture of the injury of the Army Commander Kai was revealed through a short video clip during the shooting practice, where the last shot he shouted in pain until he was taken to the hospital urgently. Until recently, the French media reported unofficially that it may take a long break of 9-10 weeks.

“Hello everyone, you will be fine and happy every day as usual. And I’m sorry that I was hurt as you can see in the video clip. Hopefully it’s not as serious as the first concern,” Pogba said on social media.

“Right now, the exact details are not known. Because I’m in the process of scanning to find out where there are some injuries. I don’t want you guys to worry too much. And will definitely come back stronger than before.”

“The important thing is We must maintain our confidence. Don’t lose your love and faith Always try to keep the atmosphere around you and the club positive. That’s what needs to be done first.”