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Paul Parker Ex Manchester United. Striker explains why Harry Maguire should be sacked as captain.

Former Manchester United star Paul Parker has suggested. That Ole Gunnar Solskjaer should sack Harry Maguire from Red Devils captaincy due to ineligibility.

Appointed as captain following Ashley Young’s retirement to Inter Milan in January 2020. Parker does not believe the £80million defender deserves his leadership role.

at Manchester United. Captain Harry Maguire was too quick.” Parker said. It doesn’t make any sense And he did right from the first day I was appointed, “

” He’s not a right to be captain of Manchester United. This time he had to use a player’s ability to prove themselves. “

“I think they paid too much for Leicester City. They want to buy this player. Make it a big deal from the cost Then play with the water and pay a really

high price. very good”

Manchester United needed a world class centre-back last summer when they paid £80m for Harry Maguire, a world record fee for a defender. Just over 12 months on, it is clear they didn’t get it.

Maguire is not a bad defender. But world class? No. Not now and, likely, not ever.

He would certainly be a good partner if United had a world class centre-back next to him – Mikael Silvestre to Rio Ferdinand, or Ronny Johnsen to Jaap Stam, for example. But when he is supposed to be that himself, or at least heading that way, it becomes a problem.