Manchester City star defends Maguire

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Manchester City star defends Maguire. Who has been heavily criticized for poor form.

John Stones defender Britain’s Manchester City. Debut protect Harry Maguire captain of Manchester United. Who are being criticized that form it makes the army. The Red Devils are the poor. until beyond this season.

“Harry Maguire is an amazing man. His character is so strong that. I am sure I can achieve great success as Manchester United captain.” Stones told talkSPORT.

“I don’t want to use the word Maguire is in form at the moment because if we analyze the overall picture. He is doing everything very well, despite some mistakes that are part of it. only little but with our position When it happened, a bad shock happened once. People tend to pick things up more than good things.”

“The other thing is that we are footballers too. play the same position Being a teammate of the national team Therefore, there is no need to blame at all.”

“Maguire, who I know, is still going strong. It’s a great defender. and with a high mental state worthy of the captain’s position I believe he will be able to come back in good form again very soon.”