Jay Bothroyd criticizes Cody Gakpo performance

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Jay Bothroyd criticizes Cody Gakpo performance Former footballer points out that the Liverpool star can play in many positions. But I’m not good at anything.

  • Cody Gakpo did not perform well and was drop as a substitute in the second half against Liverpool.
  • The Reds won only one championship, the Carabao Cup, last season.

Jay Bothroyd, a former striker who use to play in the Premier League

open up in an interview with the media that he strongly disliked Cody Gakpo and criticized the Dutch attacker’s performance for being “untreated”. Praised too much for his abilities.

Jay Bothroyd “I really don’t like Cody Gakpo. He is a very overrate player. Kakpo’s performance with Liverpool is nowhere near ทางเข้า ufabet good enough. Even a little I think he’s one of those players where you don’t really know his position.”

“Jurgen Klopp has Kakpo playing as a left winger, right winger, midfielder and forward, but he hasn’t been able to consistently show good form in any of those positions.”

“If you play at an average level in every position. And then the versatility What meaning will it have? I like players. Who are experts in one area at a time,” Jay Bothroyd said.

For Cody Gakpo performance with Liverpool, he scored a total of 16 goals and 6 assists from 53 matches, including all competitions, along with leading the team to win the Carabao Cup championship and being the main force in leading Netherlands prepares to compete in Euro 2024 in the middle of this month.