Ian Wright reveals why he’d love to see Liverpool

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Ian Wright reveals why he’d love to see Liverpool win more titles than Man City

Arsenal legend Ian Wright has revealed that. What is the reason. Why he would like to see Liverpool win the Premier League this season rather than leaders Manchester City?

“To be honest, at a time of frighteningly packe schedules for top-flight teams to play in European games like this, Man City might be able to suspend key players in some Premier League games. Wright opened up on The UFABET.

“With such a large power that many subs can be replaced seamlessly. Or if the situation is worse than expected. The fans have no complaints with Pep Guardiola, of course, as their biggest goal is to ascend to the UEFA Champions League. as quickly as possible Which is this season.”

“Of course, if the situation turns out to be what I expected, the Liverpool fans will be the happiest. Because they were hoping for Manchester City to drop their own points while they did not expect anything from the UEFA Champions League. As much as any other team.”

“A lot of people who listen to it may not like it. Because they accuse me of being biase. I have to admit that I would rather see Liverpool win the league than Man City. I would like to see Jurgen Klopp and his team celebrate the title with the fans both at Anfield and in the parade. The city, it must be the most wonderful thing.”