Ben Doak suffer an injury problem and had to withdraw

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Ben Doak suffer an injury problem and had to withdraw from the Scottish national team camp. Liverpool player injured and forced to withdraw from national team camp, unable to compete at Euro 2024

  • The 18-year-old rising star has injure since the middle of the season. Until he hasn’t played professional football since December.
  • Bristol City striker Tommy Conway has call up to the national team instead.

After creating a buzz over the past two weeks by being name to the Scottish national team to compete in Euro 2024 

For the first time in his career, Ben Doak, the 18-year-old Liverpool star winger , is suffering from a problem. Injuries took a toll and he had to withdraw from the national team camp. Causing him to miss out on his debut alongside senior Andrew Robertson, who is in the same national team camp.

Ben Dok moved from Celtic to Liverpool in 2022. Where he has been given the opportunity to serve with the Reds’ youth team ever since. Including ยูฟ่าเบท opportunities in the first team that Jurgen Klopp called him into the team in some matches as well. However, he is not yet a player who has really broken through and taken up space in the first team. Including injuries that have been bothering him from time to time. In the latest season, Doak was seriously injure in the middle of the season. Causing him to not play professional football at all since last December.

However, Scotland national team manager Steve Clarke saw potential in the 18-year-old

and call him into the squad for Euro 2024 before he suffered another injury problem. The wound was unbearable and he had to withdraw in the end.

“Sadly, Ben Dok has had to withdraw from the Euro 2024 squad due to injury. We know that in the future he will definitely make a noise at Hampden under the shirt of Scotland.”

The player who was called up to the Scottish national team in place of Doak was Tommy Conway. a 21-year-old rising striker from Bristol City with 12 goals and 1 assist. In the English Championship this season, Steve Clark will cut two more players, leaving only 26 players who will be eligible to fly to Euro 2024 in Germany in the middle of this month.