5 players Manchester United should sign this summer

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5 players Manchester United should sign this summer If you want to reclaim greatness next season

  • Manchester United finished 8th in the Premier League last season. But was able to win the FA Cup as a consolation prize.
  • Eric Ten Hag has problems organizing a team players Manchester United that still focuses on the players’ individual abilities.
  • Many stars left the team. And here is a list of players that the Red Devils should grab to strengthen the new season that is about to begin.

It seems that the FA Cup championship has somewhat alleviated the pain of Manchester United fans

I can believe that if you look back and look at their players Manchester United performance in the league, many people will still shake their heads. A performance without any certainty, the type that is ready to win and ready to lose, every team in the world can adjust the mood almost instantly each week.

Which is certain when the season ends. We have seen many bugs throughout the past year. The highlight that every football fan will keep an eye on โปรโมชั่น ufabet is the reinforcements during the summer. Because many of the original core members are preparing to move out, including Raphael Varane, whose contract has expired, including Casemiro, Mason Greenwood, Jadon Sancho.

Who have a high chance of not staying. In addition, many other star players are not showing their form worthy of their price to the point that the team’s performance is not reaching its goals, making at this time the main positions that the team needs to add additional players include Center Back, Full Back, Central Midfielder Including the target striker There should be other options to add variety in dimensions and gameplay.

1. Gonzalo Ignacio

Age – 22 years,
position – center back,
team – Sporting Lisbon,

a Portuguese defender who this season has successfully cemented himself as a main player in the team, becoming an important force for the national team. Of course, that has put him on the radar of many famous teams, including Manchester United and Liverpool, who are looking for new options in the defender position at the moment.

2. Jarrad Brenthwaite

Age – 21 years
Position – Center Back
Team – Everton

Another defender who has successfully emerged this season with Everton, who has been linked with the Red Devils since January. Of course, his pace is excellent. But being an English player and being young, that makes the Blue Toffees There is a tax on negotiating a high fee, especially with a team like Manchester United.

3. Jean Claire Todibo

Age – 24 years,
position – center back,
team – Nice,

French national team defender of Nice, who is players Manchester United currently in the sights of many big teams in Europe. Which is not surprising because he is both fast and strong and is in the peak period of his football career. If Manchester United is brave and spends a little, they will have a chance to grab this “Newaran” to join the team.

4. Joao Neves

Age – 19 years
Position – Midfielder
Team – Benfica

The Portuguese midfielder, who is said to be one of the best young players in the country, is the hope for the nation’s new blood. Of course, his pace caught the eye of Manchester United so much that seniors like Bruro Fernandes also came out to encourage the agency to grab this young man to join the team. But the only thing that matters is that the price may be as high as 100 million this summer.

5. Adrien Rabiot

Age – 29 years,
position – midfielder,
team – Juventus

the same old option whose contract with Juventus is about to expire this summer, plus his performance last season must be said to be excellent. Plus it’s free. Of course, the team was disappointed in signing him last summer. But cheap and good things these days aren’t easy to find. Maybe try opening your mind and negotiating one more time and it might be a good fit.