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Rio urges ‘Guns’ to dump “Isak”

Rio Ferdinand, a former football player and football analyst, thinks Arsenal should spend money to sign him. Alexander Isak has arrived to strengthen the team. The 24-year-old striker has become one of the players who may be released from Newcastle United due to his club’s current

The Red Devils are considering loaning out ‘Diallo’

Manchester United are considering releasing Ahmad Diallo on loan after receiving interest from the club. Middlesbrough and many other clubs in the battle Championship During the January trading market The young winger has impressed in training and could be a good option as a wide receiver for the first

6 benefits of “watermelon”, the sweet

If you think of a way to cool down, Eating watermelon in chilled form This is another way to help quite well. Because it is to extinguish the heat temperature from within. And in addition to eating fresh watermelon We can also make it into a drink. Or toppings eaten with